Ely pottery classes

18th May start! What a joy!

pottery ceramic ely cambs fun photo

Throwing is on the card, so is slab building, coil pots, tools creation, and we have planned many fun activities for everyone to enjoy making beautiful ceramic items. We really want everyone to love the experience and to take home treasures to be proud of!

We are starting Tuesday 18th May from 6.30-8.30pm.

The cost for 9 sessions this term will be £198 and it includes your tuition, clay, glazes, and firing.

All levels are welcome!

We used to run our classes with everyone doing the same project with some independent people working on their own at the back… we can still have the people who work on their own projects but we are going the structure of the class slightly differently this term coming. The room will be divided into projects and we will create diversity! 2 of you will throw, 3-4 of you will create a beautiful mug, 2-3 of you will make a large fruit bowl, 3-4 of you will make some garden decorations (bird feeders, funky plant pots…), etc… So during the class, when we take a break from our work, we’ll discover the activity we will do the week after, or the week after next, it will be exciting and we’ll have plenty of time to think of ideas to make the next class very creative and interesting.

From May, we will invite all our potters to bring their own tools. We’ll issue you a list of simple items to bring with you every week; those tools will be easy to find in your kitchen, in your garden outside and we’ll upcycle some disposable items to turn them into very useful tools such as scrapers, cutters. Some tools will be a smooth pebble, a fork, a small pointed knife, some small rags, etc… We’ll send you a list or we’ll tell you what you need to bring in the first class.

We will give you all a good-quality apron to take home and bring back every Tuesday. This apron will be yours to keep.

Every week, Felicity Hoyle (who many of you met last year) will come to teach throwing to two of you for one hour at the beginning of each class. Two of you will get one hour with Felicity and 45 minutes to practice on the wheel by yourselves and 15 minutes to clean the wheel and tools. We’ll take turns and you will all get a chance to have a go during the term.

For the ones who want more of the wheel experience, we have extra tuition and practice sessions available from our studio in Wicken, Ely.

This term, we are hoping to get a minimum of 5 projects started and completed by the end of term. We are speaking with all of the potters who have prebooked their place with us to see exactly what wants to be achieved this term. We know about making pots on the wheel, we know also about making a beautiful mug! We know about the fun factor, we will have giggles, it is high on the list! There is a project I would like to suggest is to make a large bowl to either keep decorative or to eat from. A “WHAOOOO” piece with a simple but beautiful monochrome illustration on (one chosen colour on white bisque)!


There is room for more projects and more suggestions so please keep your emails and photos coming!


Please do understand that we might receive a high volume of demand and won’t be able to accommodate everyone but we’ll find ways… We are planning to start a waiting list and opening more evening classes. Once we have about 6-8 people, we’ll start a new class. So even if Tuesdays are not your best choice but you want to learn or do pottery, still be in touch! It will be good to hear from you and your inspirations.

We have been taking bookings for a lot of birthday and anniversary celebrations for both adults and children. Be sure to contact us for a very good fun ceramic experience to celebrate and create at the same time!

Here is the enrolment form for the Tuesday classes: Enrolment Form Pottery Class Tuesdays

I so look forward to meeting you all on 18th May and chat with you between now and then.

I send you all kind thoughts,

Stay happy and safe,

Corinne xx