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Welcome all!

A passion for clay…

With classes, workshops and parties starting again, The Ceramic Hub is happy to welcome all the new potters and guests to enjoy every activities on the card this year!

Sharing knowledge and fun are key for all of us.  

We really care for our potters and students to get home with items they can be proud of; proud to share, proud to give as presents, and also proud to sale. We give advice on the making, make projects possible. We are always delighted to guide our potters step by step through their ceramic experience. It can be through simply learning or to become a potter as a hobby or a profession. 

We offer our services to all levels of expertise. 

Do feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to help if we can and put you in touch with the right people if it happens that we can’t.

Sending you colourful thoughts, always. 

Corinne Eagling 

Founder & Artist

Our services

We are a group of professional potters,

ready to share our knowledge with you…

From £420 per term

Learning and meeting wonderful people is a great experience. Every week, our potters meet to enjoy making beautiful work with clay, using many colours available to illustrate on ceramic projects. The classes are available for all levels. Find out more…

From £150

The workshops are fabulous ways to spend time creating, learning skills while having fun and receive a lot of useful concentrated information.  We have raku, hand building and many more workshops ready for you in Cambridgeshire, UK. Workshops take place weekends and afternoons during the week. If you want to learn through making a lovely ceramic piece or more, please let us know. Find out more…

From £150


We invite 2-6 persons at the time in our studio for a couple of hours or for more guests, we prepare boxes for you with items of your choice to decorate in the comfort of your own home or a rental room. Parties can include decorating mugs, having a go on the wheel, making ceramic genies, fairies, dragons, vases, bird-feeders… the sky is the limit!

From £75


For fast results and tailor made tuition, we invite you to book a one-to-one session with us. It can be also for a present to someone who wants to give a go at pottery without other people watching (It is completely OK to be shy). This service is available to both adults and children.

From £250

Get on the Wheel

We put our wheels at your disposal. Some of you come to our classes and just want to be making progress with your throwing skills. So once you have the basics on how to do use a wheel, we are happy for you to come to our studio and practice by yourself. A card (valid 3 months) will be given to you to keep record of your hours. We will sale you stoneware clay and only charge you per 100g for the pots you wish to fire and glaze. Call Corinne to book your spot!

From £150

We offer Gift Vouchers for you to spoil someone you love. The person you are giving the present to can choose from learning or practicing a pottery technique of choice or to having an item made for her or him. We can tailor make this as an experience or a treasure that speaks about the person. It can be a one-to-one experience or as part of a group. To make sure to get it right, the best way is to call us and we’ll get organised together.
Find out more…

£200 per month


This option is only available and offered to our potters who have been attending our classes, courses or workshops. The open studio access allows potters to plan timetable and use the pottery space to create their pieces as they wish up to 15 hours per week. Bisque firing is included. A small fee for clay, decoration and glaze firing will be charged. 

From £300


Creating on the wheel, once you know how, is a magical experience. If you wish to learn from scratch and take part in accelerated learning throwing sessions for beginners, this option is for you. The course is over 2 or 3 weeks depending if you choose mornings or evenings.


What People are Saying

“Ceramic made with the heart”

“I wish to put my happy thoughts in an object to give someone dear to my heart. Corinne from The Ceramic Hub has understood that and made me a beautiful plate for my son.” Spookie

“Amazed that I could do such beautiful items”

“I was amazed how beautiful my pottery turned out. I followed a few guide lines from a coaching session of ceramic and I am proud of what I made. I am planning to make a lot more for personnalised Christmas presents.” Hazel


“I took my baby to have handprints done in clay. Keeping a souvenir of his 2 weeks old tiny hands. The finished on the ceramic made with gold is stunning. I will treasure them for ever.” Bella


“It is tough to find fun presents for people who got it all! I bought a pair of legs to stick into a plant pot. We laughed so much, it was THE present. The happiness given with two little ceramic legs” Eun

Our News

Corinne Eagling

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