You are many to call us to get someone you love the perfect present! Thank you all for your enthusiasm and trust! We often get asked to create personalised vouchers for birthday celebrations and anniversaries. We also make vouchers, just for you to say “I love you” with the most special present there is; An AMAZING Ceramic Experience.

For whom to whom?

Getting a voucher is really is for everyone to everyone:

⭐ Children and babies buying with their parents for grandparents, uncles, aunties, godparents;

⭐ Husbands buying for their wives and wives for their husbands;

⭐ Groups of work colleagues organising a leaving present for someone special;

⭐ Friends booking sessions for the new mum to make momentum with the hand and footprints of the newborn baby.

The list is endless.


We offer a large range of experiences to offer and prices start from £60.

Above all, at The Ceramic Hub, we wish for everyone to have a chance to give Ceramic Making and/or Decorating a try, so all budgets are considered.

No prices are displayed in our studio to stay discrete about the choice of your present.


⭐ Decorate a mug, a plater, a salad bowl, a vase…

⭐ Make momentums

⭐ Clay Play creating garden decorations, dinnerware, soap dishes…

⭐ Taster Session on the Potter’s Wheel

⭐ Creating tenths or hundreds of personalised ceramics

The Process to get your voucher:

You simply call us and we chat about your ideas. We email you a quote stating the options. You decide and transfer the amount we have agreed on. We then personalise and print a package that we send to you by post, ready for your big surprise!

What next after you purchased the voucher?

Your “potter to be” has one year to get in touch with us. We will book a time that suits him or her and get creative! Our vouchers are not refundable but we are flexible with the activities chosen. If for example someone has a potter’s wheel session booked with us but really wishes to create something from slabs, we will accommodate.

Can a voucher be for more than one person?

Yes, vouchers can be for one person or more.

Our aims at The Ceramic Hub:

Our first aim is for everyone who come to us leave with creations that they are proud to show to friends and family. The second aim is to have tons of fun. We really want everyone to enjoy The Ceramic Experience therefore, as everyone is unique, so is the pottery that comes out of our studio. It is a grand opportunity to explore the creative process of each person and an honour. We, as a team, certainly feel excited and blessed to do what we do. We all absolutely love ceramic and we all absolutely love sharing our knowledge with everyone who comes under our wings to make treasures out of clay.

What is the best way to contact us?

You are welcome to call us on 07910 217284 to chat about your inspiration or email us at corinne@theceramichub.co.uk.

Thanks for reading!