Pottery tool ELY classesDear Potters,
We don’t have to spend a lot of money on tools until a slab roller becomes necessary or a kiln. Those items are expensive, and tools can be very expensive too!
I remember one of our potters explaining to me that when I sent her the list of items from around the house that would be useful for the pottery classes, she grabbed a cardboard box and put as many items she could find.
She will recognise herself if she reads this post, I am sure.
She was bringing EVERYTHING she could at every pottery session. It was really amazing. Her box had lots of treasures and so many tools that were so useful to her and useful also to all the potters in the class who were not as enthusiastic as she was. She was always ready.
For you all who come to our workshops and classes, please feel free to do the same!
Grab a box or a bag and fill it up…
List of suggested items:
☆ A wooden tray (unvarnished if possible)
☆ Lace (if you have any)
☆ Teaspoon
☆ Tablespoon
☆ Fork
☆ A plastic cup
☆ A small pointed kitchen knife
☆ A knife with a serrated blade
☆ 2-3 small jam jars with lid
☆ Wooden spoon & spatula
☆ Wooden rolling pin
☆ Pencils
☆ Felt-tips
☆ Marker pen
☆ Sponges
☆ Makeup sponge
☆ Chopsticks, kebab sticks, toothpicks
☆ Sticks of wood
☆ Straws
☆ Drill bit
☆ Superglue 😉
☆ Duck tape
☆ Out of date membership cards
☆ Paint scraper (if you have any)
☆ Needle
☆ Safety pin
☆ Brushes (smooth/soft and rough)
☆ Rags
☆ 1-2 Tea towels
☆ Bubble wrap
☆ Newspaper
☆ Any sculpting tools
☆ Any cake decorating tools
☆ Stamps
☆ Cookie cutters
☆ Seashell
☆ Smooth pebble
☆ Notebook
☆ Tailor tape measure
Sending you all creative thoughts and colourful ones too!