Meeting like-minded people is lovely and we have some very good news for all potters in the Ely area and further, as we are now hiring our kilns.

We are so delighted to offer this service for many reasons. Having a kiln can be scary to some people as they can go wrong and the expense of the fixing can be substantial. Some of our potters mentioned that they are worried of the fumes and that they would not fire from home as they would worry to set their house on fire! That is a thought! Haha!

We help many people to fire their treasure every single week so please, feel free to be in touch with Corinne to speak about your firing needs by email or call 07910 217284.

A shelf is based on the following measurements: 18” diameter for the platform and 3” tall.

We fire at all temperatures for pottery from 600°C – 700°C+ for decals, gold and lusters;

One shelf £20

Full Kiln £60

945°C + for bisque firing;

One shelf £20

Full Kiln £60

1040°C for Earthenware

One shelf £20

Full kiln £60

and up to 1250°C for Stoneware

One shelf £35

Full kiln £80

The prices start as little as £2.50 per item and that is about the size of a mug and please know that we are very open to run experiments with your projects.

In the event of the glazes is running from your pottery, and damage other people’s work or the kiln itself or shelves, we might have to charge you for the compensation for the other potter’s materials and time spent with us and/or the repair of the kiln.

We recently put an advertisement on, and if like us, you would like to hire your kilns, we highly recommend their services.

Keep happy and create! Speak soon! xx