We started again! Wonderful!

Fish is on the list this week as we had a lot to do last week. So here is a template of different shape fishies that might inspire you. You are welcome to print the fish and take the illustrations to your next class:

So many of our Potters have expressed a huge interest in learning to throw! Throwing clay at each other, on a table or in a bin is fun… 😉 Joke apart, we bought a couple more wheels. It is time to do some serious stuff by the looks of it.

On the wheel potters!

I suggest a couple of videos covering the basics of throwing in details.

The first video is from Fabian Gadsby:

The next video is Kara’s one. I like her explanation because she speaks about the speed of the wheel and she likes cats… and we like her… Remember to take some notes!

One of our slab building 3D projects is going to be inspired by Curly girl!

Here is her video:

We’ll post some photos here of our progress.

One of the wonderful projects I had to do for Christmas was to renovate a mosaic tabletop for one of our beautiful Potter’s Rachel. Thanks to Rachel, I got back in doing mosaic only this time, it was more amazing because I was getting to make the tiles myself! It was such a happy project, so relaxing, so satisfying. It is really dear to my heart to introduce this topic to all our Potters; so beautiful mosaic is on this term!

We will be offering a workshop over 4 days ‘From Earth to Mosaic” where we are going to design and prepare transfers (afternoon 1), make tiles and/or ceramic pebbles (afternoon 2), fire them, decorate them and glaze the tiles (afternoon 3), fire them again, and create our Mosaic on to a plank of wood or a cement base (afternoon 4) ready to be enjoyed at home for many years to come.

Suggestion from June! Cake stand! Lovely, I have ordered some fittings. Potters, you’ll just have to prepare the plates and put holes in them, and voilà…

Cake stand example pottery

Suggestion from Animal Portrait Artist Ellie Newman is those beautiful little mugs with your favourite animal in…

More to be added soon…