5-star reviews!


On the 15th of every month, we do a draw. This month, Dragon and Sharon helped me, Corinne, to pick a name. 21 labels of all the people who wrote us a Google Review when into our little crackled glaze zebra bowl and the winner for our April draw is Vincent Udo!

Vincent wins a one-to-one experience worth £150. Youpiiii!!!!

About Vincent:

We might have to write an entire blog post about Vincent as we have a lot to say about him! We met Vincent last year, on a Pottery Experience that his partner Lotte had bought for him as a birthday present. Vincent attended a few of our workshops since and made many ceramic treasures. We had some fun also with experimenting with some clay he bought back from his family garden in Holland. Vincent and Lotte are both scientists; creating with clay is only one of their many pastimes, we all have a lot of fun when they come to work in The Ceramic Hub’s studio. They have made beautiful decorative birds, many bowls, platers, mugs, and much more. Vincent’s partner also painted with underglazes monoprint illustrations to transfer on a cake stand and lovely small dishes. The result is outstanding. We are grateful to count Vincent and Lotte as our friends at The Ceramic Hub. While we got chatting one day, we saw a great need for items to be made from Vincent’s office to our studio here. We use a lot of stamps and Vincent has a 3D printer. Fun stamps have been made and you can even purchase some yourself if you need personalised ones for your pottery’s signatures. Vincent calls his venture The 3D Cat and you will find him on Etsy but if you want to contact him directly, you can email him at vincent@the3dcat.com.

Our last month winner:

Ely Cambridge pottery classes

Last month, Emily won a workshop! She came with her lovely mum Deb and we all had a lovely time. Sally Burton from Petite Pottery was with us at the workshop to make sure that everyone was happy and doing well on the wheels that day.

About Emily:

Emily is GREAT! She comes to our Tuesday class at Ely College. We love the fact that she is flexible and that when she has something to say, she doesn’t beat around the bush, she says it. We absolutely ADORE her! Emily makes quirky pottery. Lion salt pot (we would love to add gold to one of the lion’s teeth), skull coasters, (which of many broke but we’ll help make more for sure!), fun and decorative cats, jewelry, and more! If you want to buy some art from Emily, you can. Emily has an Instagram account. You’ll see skulls, little cats, and heaps of talent! I am sure a lot of you will enjoy her sense of humour too.

How to WIN?

It is easy. Basically, anyone who has been using any of our services and has written a Google review enters the draw automatically.

Can winners enter the draw again? The answer is YES!

So, if you are very happy with our services, please tell the world and enter a review on Google about The Ceramic Hub (blue link below). If you are not happy with our services, please speak to us directly before you write your review. Absolutely all people involved in making The Ceramic Hub a success know that we all aims for outstanding services. Less than 5 is not really an option for any of us but please, understand that we are very open to the idea of constantly improving our services and we really need to know if you are not happy. So please talk to us or email us.

For the happy you, here is this link > Write a review on Google

For the not-so-happy you, please write to: corinne@theceramichub.co.uk or call 07910 217284.

Next month, like the lottery 😉 IT COULD BE YOU!!!!!!! Results will be on this blog post every 16th or 17th of each month. Easy.

Suggestions we got from our potters to improve our services:

One suggestion we got was to keep our numbers down. We run big classes (up to 20 people) and we make sure that we have 1 experienced potter for 2 to 5 new Potters. We always ask our experienced potters to come and give a hand and you all have met Dragon, Lady Chris, Tamsin, Felicity, most of you also know Julie Barnard and Sally from Petite Pottery too. Cassie and Ellie are also gathering enough knowledge to help and it is wonderful to see.

One suggestion to get a 5-star was to put a lock on our toilet door in our Wicken workshop. That made all of us giggle a lot as we all know that one of our cats can and will push the door open. Chanel the cat enjoys being with people, in any circumstance… The lock is on our list!

One suggestion is to get a map of where we are exactly in Wicken as our postcode with Google Maps takes you to the campsite next door. You have to drive towards Stretham if this happens and after a big field on the right, you will see a lot of cars parked in front of a gate, and that is us! We are going to do a map and we’ll put it on our Contact page. We will finish moving in our premises properly, put a lock on the loo door and we’ll draw a little map for you. We’ll take photos of the buildings too!

Another suggestion is a sign at the front of the building. There is a little sign on the gate already but we’ll do our best to make a big one before July!

A special thank you…

I would like to give BIG special “Thank You” to a wonderful lady who is helping us at The Ceramic Hub. Her name is Madeleine Morgan and she is our Life & Business Coach.

Madeleine suggested contacting our potters to find out what they think of our services and this fun monthly draw was on! We make brownie points with Madeleine as our homework is done and we also get fulfilled by giving something special every month to people who appreciate our services. It is just PUUUUUUR-FECT!

And to finish…

The cat who opens doors ;-p, our beautiful girly Chanel: